Effective Hostile Vehicle Mitigation With Fences

When you have a security concern of the highest order, you need to be prepared for all manner of threats. If you're worried about vehicles crashing into your property, secure site, or even your home, then you need to think of ways you can reduce the risk that vehicles pose.

There are many fences and fencing accessories out there on the market today that will solve many of your security concerns. Whether you're looking for a new fence or just some new features, many companies will be eager to help. Fence security is a big business in today's dangerous world, and there are many features you should know of that can help protect what you value.

Cable Attachments
When you're thinking about vehicle mitigation and fencing security, you should think about the awesome power that cables can give to you.

Some might think that cables wouldn't be able to stop a car or truck, but they'd be wrong. Strong cables drilled tightly into the concrete pillars that give these fences their support are efficient and reliable when it comes to your perimeter fence or other high security fence. They are also a cost-effective way to go with your fencing enhancements.

Cables work best when the supports holding them in place are secured underground. Additional things around your fence, such as large rocks or boulders, will also go a long way in stopping a vehicle from intruding upon your property, home, or business.

Gravity Blocks
When you have a good security fence in place to stop vehicles, you can also begin to think of some additional features that will help alleviate any remaining concerns you may be having.

Landscaping in such a way that vehicles have a more difficult time getting into or onto your property will help with your security needs. Gravity blocks are features where the landscape is raised around the fence, whether through a dirt mound or even concrete emplacements.

When you raise the land around your fence, and then landscape over it with trees, bushes, and shrubs, it will blend right into the surrounding landscape, and will often even enhance it. Any vehicles trying to get past will be in for one rude awakening when they discover those bushes were really nothing more than a large earthen mound.

Decorative Bollards
When cables and landscaping alone aren't enough to ease your worried mind, then perhaps you should turn to decorative bollards. You don't have to order these, either, for you can make similar items at home. Steel or concrete pipes drilled into the earth or concrete and raised with a thick steel cable also act as a serious deterrent.

These items resemble, and are much the same, as the items that military the world over use in front of embassies and other security sites. They look very intimidating, and if anyone was thinking of crashing a car onto your property, they'd have some serious problems. When you couple bollards with other security enhancements to your existing fence, you'll know that you've done everything you could to ensure that your property is safe from harm.

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